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stephen wrote a review of on May 3, 2013

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Ok first off I purchased two of the SHUBU boards, one for my wife and I. I have taken both boards down some class 2 and 3 rapids with no flats. Twice I've drove the board up on a rock with a good bit of speed and didn't have any leaks. I paddle skinny river water and always leave the middle long fin out, this makes tracking hard. I have to alternate paddling each side to stay straight but the river current carries me downstream. The two small side fins are indestructible I've went over rocks just below the surface and the fins caught throwing me forward to my knees but the fins suffered no damage. You can buy a smaller middle fin from NRS for better tracking or carve down the big one. I keep mine for deep water paddling where it tracks good. As for ocean surfing this board is not good. It has very little rocker which causes the nose to go under on waist to chest high waves. That being said it will catch small knee high waves but is slow and not very fun. Overall the board is well made and a blast on rivers and flat water, on ocean waves it doesn't perform well, maybe if it had more rocker it would but then you lose some speed and tracking with more rocker so it is a trade off. I can pump it up to 15 psi but it is difficult, my wife can't get it past 9 psi. I have broken one the pumps. I normally put the boards at 13 psi. Leave the boards in the sun and the pressure will go up if you want high psi but you may damage the board if too much sun.