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ste4404647wrote a review of on April 29, 2013

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I like these shoes, but man did they open up in volume. I read reviews and got them in street shoe size. Worked awesome for a few weeks but gave up space after about 100 pitches. When wearing barefoot, my feet (of course lubricated with sweat) started slipping and sliding around. Not a very comforting feeling when about 15 feet above the last bolt! I've started wearing socks with them now, something I couldn't have done when I first got them. My last trip I even wore my thick hiking socks and they were, well, comfortable. Not necessarily a good thing in climbing shoes.

Edging, plain sucks. I had to creat an edge with a file in order to get onto any micro footing, and still, it's pretty sketchy. It could just be that my shoes are too big, but still, I just don't trust mini footholds in these.

Over all, I would highly recommend these to a beginner. The price is hard to beat, the rubber rules (5.10 C4) and they are damn comfortable... That is unless you're standing in the Arizona sun, like I frequently do. I would definitely get them a half to full size smaller. By the time you wear through these, you'll understand what kind of climbing you're into and will be able to pick a new shoe accordingly (aggressively down turned, all around, crack). If you do know what you want, read reviews and spend the extra $50 to get a shoe that works on whatever terrain you're looking at.