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sneakyslopeswrote a review of on April 22, 2010

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I have these boots.. the first time i wore them, it was great. comfortable, much comfortable than the stiffer boots. it is very soft which means it is very comfortable to walk in. I was sooo impressed by them that i bought my bf a pair for christmas.

I then wore them again when i went to the dolimites. I found that as tight as you pull the laces, it didnt give me the support on the ankles. it felt really loose. which made me feel less confident, making me take unnessary stacks. I had to stop regularly to tighten my boots. I had to tighten them soo tight, that by the end of the day when i took them off, it looks like there was absoulely had no circulation in the legs.

My bf also found that this was also the case. I find that its a really nice and comfortable boot to walk in from the lodge to the slopes. But not so much down hill..

Overall, i guess its a great boot for the park, not so much down hill..