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smrt123 wrote an answer about on January 21, 2009

The Small might be too short, but the Medium can allow for 2 layers underneath. This jacket is made in China, which is home to the ONLY factory in the world that can Weld-Seams together. I think the MHW Dragon is also made in this factory. ______________Hi, I'm 5'9" 180 pounds with a fairly small frame and little body fat (~38" chest and 32" waist), but larger arms/shoulders from resistance training. I just received my medium welder in the mail and the fit is great. While the arms are a tad long (other reviewers have commented on this, but it's also because I have rather short arms), the extra length seems pretty functional as the body stays put and doesn't rise up when you raise your arms (good for climbing, keeping your ski poles up, or keeping your hands on your bike handlebars). I also like that the longer sleeves cover the backs of my hands a bit for extra warmth. I had the medium on yesterday with two lightweight icebreaker baselayers and it was snug but not uncomfortable. I'm sure I could squeeze in a heavier midlayer too. I ordered a small Rime last year, and found it fit well in the body (albeit with only a superlight baselayer as the Rime is intended for lighter use), but was too tight in the arms and shoulders. I ended up giving it to my dad rather than pay for the return shipping. It fits him very well and he's ~5'7" 150 pounds. In both cases the measurements listed on the sizing chart were pretty true to size. If you're small framed and lean, I'd say go with the small, but if you're more athletic cut with naturally broad shoulders or just want to be safe, I'd say size up to the medium. Also keep in mind that BC is great for exchanges, especially if you live in the US and shipping is fairly cheap.