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skyerunner wrote a review of on February 21, 2007

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I got these poles because they looked sweet and were $25 pro deal. My third day out skiing with them there was about 1.5 feet of fresh snow and I came out from some trees and pole planted (a little hard, I'll admit). I didn't fall on the pole, or feel like I really put too much pressure on it and it snapped clean of at the point where it connects to the aluminum upper shaft. I skied pole-less for the rest of the day, much disappointed and extremely happy I didn't pay the $99 retail. the replacement lower shaft cost $15, and I promptly sold it to a buddy and bought the aluminum version. I'd much rather have a bent/snapped aluminum pole that I can fix with duct tape and a aluminum stove windscreen than one that shatters on a pole plant.
Otherwise super lightweight, but don't expect them to last long if you ski anything but green resort runs.