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ske wrote a review of on April 24, 2013

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It's a little heavy, but for in bounds days, this is the ski i've been choosing lately. I'm 150, 5'8" and tele skiing. I have the 179. I really like it. In any soft snow, it feels powerful. The dimensions are almost identical to an older megawatt, but I've been enjoying this ski more. It's mid-stiff--not a plank, but more powerful than some powder oriented skis. Very stable and damp. Although it's described as rockered, there's a lot of camber underfoot. I like the pop in my turns. The early rise is not very aggressive, but for me there's plenty of float with a ski that wide, and its probably more versatile this way. Rocker in the tail is pretty minimal, and it's not prone to washing out. Still very surfy with the upturned tail. The 3D tip is kind of gimmicky, but I like it. I doubt it helps float, but it probably helps out blowing through crud. The ski really loves to carve through anything. I'd imagine the 3D tip also minimizes pushback from the tip--hard to say though since it's a pretty minor design. Big and floaty in powder, charges through crud, stiff enough and with camber to handle variable snow, fun on the groomers with a moderate 26m turn radius. Nothing 120 wide edges great on ice, but this edges better than skis in its class thanks to the camber. And every time I ski it, I think fondly of the home depot laminate flooring section. It's a fun ski.