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sjpepper1154905 wrote a review of on October 18, 2009

5 5

This jacket is awesome. The outside fleece is really dense and blocks wind- the inside is just like the mountain hardwear monkey fleece. I think fleece jackets without hoods are dumb, so I really dig the hood on this one and I am so thankful that it comes in colors besides black and brown!




sjpepper1154905 wrote a question about on September 16, 2009

Is it really too much to ask for Patagonia to offer at least a comparable selection of color choices for their women's gear as they do their men's? On this piece we get three choices, and actually I'm not going to count that hideous green as a choice. Men get 5 solid colors. In the micro puff we get 3 choices...and two of them are black and brown. Great. Just what I need is more boring colored jackets. The guys have 5. How about the down sweater hoody? Yep, we get three again (the guys get 4) and AGAIN two of them are black and brown. I appreciate awesome quality but I'm also over looking like a ninja in my all- black outdoor gear.




sjpepper1154905 posted an image about on March 23, 2009

size 8 versus size 10

My roommate and I are pretty similar sizes but my hips are a little bigger. She bought a size 8 from REI and I loved the way they looked but the size 8 was way too small for me. So I ordered a size 10 from backcountry (the green ones in the photo). Whoa. These pants are huge! from the waist to the butt, to the opening at the bottom (notice that my feet are absolutely swallowed by the pants)- everything about them is BIG. I was in a tricky situation because I knew I didn't fit in an 8 but the 10 was gigantic. Luckily I tried on a pair of the same pants in a size 10 at an REI and, miracle of miracles, they fit perfectly. Weird.