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sjkrause12151559wrote a review of on June 5, 2010

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These boots were fairly comfortable but after 4-5 times on the snow, the bolts holding the replaceable soles onto the boot began to fall out. After skiing without 2 bolts on the toe-piece. The sole became permanently bent. I replaced the missing bolts but it was already too late. there was a 5mm gap between the toe-piece and boot that I would watch flex while skiing (scary).

While in a trip in utah I lost another 4 bolts from the other boot. I was fed up with them and with a trip in Oregon the next day, I needed a fix. I called up Backcountry, they gave me directions from the base of LCC to their store front. Replaced the boots with Scarpa Spirit 4 AT boot and couldnt be happier. The Scarpa boot was very stiff and held up to 2500vertical/day of touring for the next 3 days.

Notes: backcountry's service is top notch but these boots will fall apart on you. Similar design to the Salomon Quest boot so be wary