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sim4648829 wrote a review of on June 4, 2011

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1/2, 9/16, 3/8 wrench sizes are not correct. I was kind of disappointed and almost returned my belt as I wanted it to be in inches, like the skate belt. It actually is 11mm 10mm and 8mm metric wrenched if I remember correctly. It even stated metric on the 686 website and that is why I ordered from backcountry rather than elsewhere because I wanted it in inches. The only reason I kept the belt is I really like 2 prong belts rather than 1 prong like the 686 skate belt. Though if I was to do it again I would just order the 686 skate belt. It would be awesome if I could just get the belt loop wrench from the skate belt so I could use it with my 2 prong belt then I would be a super happy camper with the perfect belt.