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seanalynwrote a review of on July 14, 2010

So nice I bought it twice (okay thrice)
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I seriously cannot sing the praises of this watch enough! I bought the sea green one and when I saw it again I bought the clear hot pink and black (first time Ive ever bought duplicates of the same watch). Its so chic and fun! Yes its clunky but its more like a bracelet that doubles as a watch. I love wearing it out and saying "hey do you like my watch" to which people respond "thats not a watch." Then I show them the watchface and BAM! Their mind = blown.

Seriously though, this is a great watch for those of you who like your watches to be funky fashionable jewelry. Its sturdy and has already survived many drunken nights out with me. As far as the sizing goes I think its pretty normal. I have average sized hands and it slips on easily but doesnt fall off.