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Sarah P.

Sarah P.

Sarah P.

Sarah P.wrote a review of on January 31, 2011

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Sooo. I was really excited to have two things: a hood that fit over my helmet and the pant/jacket zippered interface. Thought I was getting both....nope.

I have last years AK pants with NO belt loops. They have a half zipper on the back. My old jacket just had the loop buttons to hook to belt loops. My back got pretty cold a few times. Looks like they went back to the old button on the belt loop design.

Hood almost fits over my helmet...maybe it's just cause I have a big head. :) my jacket is a S and helmet is L

Also, was hoping for more pockets in this jacket. It seems to be marketed to those who don't care much about lift serve. I love those outer chest velcro stuff pockets. Used the zippered chest pocket (they say goggle pocket) the other day. could barely fit my hat in there.

Also, this jacket does NOT have the 'pow-grip' cuff loop sleeve.

So not much on this page is true about the jackets features.

Its a great shell. but I'm only keeping it cause I bought it proform and wore it before realizing it wasnt the jacket I had thought it was.