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Samir P.

Pennsylvania, now a days, with an occasional romp in to NYC

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I use to be an avid hiker - spending the summers exploring the landscape of the west - CA, AZ, NM, UT, and CO - with some occasional caving.

But for the time being that's been put on hold with my new job as husband and dad. Yeah, I'll throw the kid in to the Deuter 3.0 and go hiking locally - but nothing big.

Samir P.

Samir P.wrote a review of on November 30, 2011

4 5

It would be 5 stars if the wife did not find it intimidating, and the kid didn't toss the teddy bear on the first hike we did. Honestly - that teddy should've been strung up to the pack somehow.

Other than those 2 complaints which Deuter can do nothing about, my kid adores this bag. If it's daddy and daughter only, i'll throw her into this and just take her for a walk. She's fallen asleep in, she likes the bird's eye view (i believe), and enjoys playing peek-a-boo with the me ala the mirror that's included.

Surprisingly, no back pains or shoulder aches. Good support, and i feel as though i can carry my daughter my around the whole day in this (pending it's a flat hike/walk). Highly recommend it.

My only warning to men would be make sure your wife is on board. My wife said she was - but she found the deuter rather intimidating. Has she tried it - No. Just by looking at it, she wimped out, and because of that I cannot use this pack as often as I would like. Bummer.