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samarkand wrote an answer about on June 20, 2013

Thanks Lexi and Phil, all that is helpful, but the problem I'm finding with the Pulsar fly+footprint fast-pitch is that there are no grommets or sleeves inside the fly for receiving the ends of the horizontal roof pole or the end of the pole that sticks out to extend the foot-box on the normal tent-body. These are the pole ends with what Marmot calls "ball ends" which on the tent body connect to the "Ball Cap Connectors".

I am able to get the poles into the footprint corner grommets and hook the fly to the footprint corners, but with that horizontal roof cross-bar and the foot-extension pole having nothing on the fly to hook into, it seems a bit unstable and incomplete.

However, as an aside, the tent itself when pitched with the full tent body and fly seems like a great design and very stable. I look forward to testing it out in the wild.