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RICK I.wrote a question about on February 9, 2011

I am 54, 5’10” 205lbs. with a 10.5 boot. I currently ride a 162 Burton Mololo. Great board in powder but just adequate everywhere else. No park, jibs or jumps, mostly all mountain. I’m more aggressive in the POW but cruise pretty much the rest of the time.
Looking for a more versitle “all round” board and am leaning towards a GNU Rider's Choice C2 BTX. I am having trouble deciding between the 157.5, 161.5 or the 158 Wide. Demoed the 157.5 for three or four runs, and found it really fun and solid. Because I’m use to the 162 Mololo, it felt a little short.
Because of my 205lbs. the 158 Wide may ride longer than it is and has more area than the 157.5 and the 162.5, which would be great in the POW, but I’m concerned that edge to edge it may be sluggish. Any thoughts!



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