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ridgelurke1340108 wrote a review of on February 21, 2011

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I've skied hard on my BD 01s, both resort and backcountry, for 2 years with no problem other than occasional re-tightening of the cartridges and a couple of free-pivot-mechanism ice-ups that were easily resolved. Having the cable and cartridges run under the sole of the boot is key. They deliver a smooth, consistent flex and have a very active feel. I noticed an immediate improvement in my skiing when I mounted these up. They are fun bindings to ski, and they're excellent for climbing. I do carry a very compact repair kit into the backcountry but have never had to use it. I've broken other bindings, but not the 01s. Although I haven't needed it with these bindings, my past experience with Black Diamond regarding warranty repairs has been very positive. I recommend these bindings and just bought another pair for my new skis.