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rickhtalley wrote a question about on January 20, 2013

I am just getting into the world of "beyond the lift lines"....I am looking for a backpack ...hate wearing backpacks.... ..but....the "lesser of the two-evils"...... what backpack would y'all recommend for me, if, all I am looking for is storage space for 32 oz of........water.......yes, let's go with water as well as external straps that I can attach my avie probe and ascent poles (to assist on the ascent).... at the risk of sounding redundant ... I am a knuckle dragger....full I am most concerned with being able to securely stow my shovel in addition to an undisclosed volume of "personal items " for my ascent

re-reading the above collection of words, to the best of your best focus group's ability... what backpack best fits my highly specific specifications?