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Robert G.

Robert G.

Robert G.

Robert G.wrote a review of on February 6, 2013

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I'd give it 4.5 or higher. I've never worn a jacket this nice, and for the sale price vs. list it can't be beat comparing specs vs. the competition. The main, minor drawbacks are as follows:

There isn't a membrane or foreskin of sorts on the wrist sleeves. Minor, minor deal. The main zipper is a little sticky (could be newness) The hood isn't detachable. The clasp on the lower pocket lanyard (on mine anyway) has a gap and stuff easily slides off. The underarm vent zipper cut the $#!+ out of my thumbtip when carelessly loading luggage into my car pre-trip.

Other than that, I was very pleased. It's pretty light and packs much more tightly than my older, cheaper 3-in-1. The magnets are a well-thought out feature. It felt warm in the cold but breathable in the mid 50s. The hood fits over a helmet, although I couldn't zip it all the way up and get it over my fat head. I would ride powder, gaping and dorking all day, take it off, and it would be dry by dinnertime.

I wore it mostly in mid singles-twenties and heavy snow (scored this trip). The wrist velcro cinch + glove cinch kept snow out fine. My philosophy is to buy fancy under gear, overdress, and let the fanciness wick moisture. I was sweating like a corn fed swamp hog while wearing a light base + mid base + light zip fleece and this jacket. It is not completely uninsulated, but still seems like more of a shell than a bubblegoose for sure. I probably could have worn only one base and the thin fleece and this and been perfect the entire time, other than the first post-lunch lift ride.

If you surf, my general cold fairy scale is as follows: 70-69 top, 68-66 2mil spring, 66-63 2mil shortsleeve full, 62-60 2mil full, under 60 = 3/2 and boots, gloves go on under 55, and under 50 in gloves, booties, and hoodless 3/2 I'm dealing but hating life and feeling like I'm going to pass out when I duck dive.

On a sunny day with no wind and no breaks in riding you could probably wear a base layer and this jacket and be fine. Thankfully I wouldn't know because it puked blower for a week, praise Ullr peace be upon him.