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rajp333028 wrote a review of on June 14, 2013

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I wanted to love these. These snowshoes apparently have alot of hype behind them, and claim to have the best of all worlds, with the spring loaded suspension for comfort and "aggressive" tread pattern for climbing steeps. Sorry Atlas, but this guy doesn't cut it. Its too bulky (too wide, feet end up tripping on each other, need to alter gait, which led to knee pain). Not easy to walk in, and doesn't work well on any of the steep narrow trails in the northeast. The bite just isnt there on this thread pattern. Maybe its the tubular edge? Crampon on these just doesnt do much. I slipped and slipped over again on these on steep sections on the Adirondack High Peaks, while my friends in MSRs just went straight up with no problem. On one slip, one of the televators even managed to snap. Only took them on one trip this winter, sorry theyre going back. Bought a pair of MSR Denali Ascents instead (last years model) for half the price and twice the product. Haven't slipped since, and theyre soooo much easier/comfy/lighter to walk in.