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pss832309435 wrote an answer about on May 8, 2009

I just bought two oz quickdraws, and they are incredibly light!
They are smaller sized, though, so if you have big fingers, maybe go with a full size quickdraw. However, they are considerably more expensive than the Wild Country xenon lite (which I have 12 of), which is anodized. I also think the open-gate clearance may be a bit smaller than the xenon lite, and the Oz is only rated to 20kN, I believe, while the xenon lite is rated to 24kN. For these reasons (xenon lite is cheaper, and I prefer it over the Oz) I would recommend you go with the xenon lite over these. The slings are very similar, and both have the rubber gripper on the rope end. One other thing which I somewhat dislike although its not a big deal: the Oz carabiners' gates have an increasing spring force the more you open them (ie, it gets harder and harder to push them). The xenon lite carabiners have bent gates, so the spring force is strong when in the closed position, but gets less strong when more fully opened. Maybe I am just accustomed to it, but I prefer this for clipping the rope when sport climbing.




pss832309435 wrote a review of on August 15, 2008

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If you must save the 3-4 dollars over the Positron screwgate, then get these. Not anodized like the positron is, so they smell like raw aluminum in your hand (not a big deal). For the price you can't go wrong, but consider something with a keylock nose. I also bought a positron and it is almost identical, except for the anodized finish and the nose (they're pretty much the same weight). Gate action and lock is as smooth as any BD I've used. If you really want to spend the money, go for the super-light vaporlock, but this or the positron will do just fine otherwise.