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phi100617245 wrote a review of on September 5, 2014

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Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

While taking it down my bike blew over while attached and bent the skewer screw (as well as the end of my fork.) I had unhooked the rear wheel, but for some reason let go of the bike frame just when a gust hit.
Yakima not so cool as to replace the single screw... (I have only spent +1000 on the sky box, q towers, roof rack, etc...) I'm unimpressed.
I already had the cores. I have not had other problems with this piece though and it has held up fine while driving from Salt Lake to Moab and even just around Salt Lake with bike attached.





phi100617245 wrote a review of on October 22, 2012

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Familiarity: I've used it several times

I bought this tent at 50% on Steep and Cheap. I appreciate the light factor and the fact that the fabric is still heavy duty. When my 3 year old and I backpack with it, we have not had problems with condensation with the vents open, but when my wife was in it, it was totally snowing when we would bump up against the wall at 15 degrees.

Easy to set up. I can set it up alone in the pouring rain.

I like the extra space afforded by the lack of vestibule or built in vestibule (however you want to call it). However I don't know how to get around the cooking issue except if I was really on a snowy mountain maybe you could build a half wall to provide some shelter to cook with a door open...

It had a pinprick hole on the ceiling either from an errant spark (windy campfire) or it came with it, but I used some silicone to fill it and then tenacious tape over both sides. It has tolerated 1 rain storm in the Uintas. And one wind storm in Capital Reef Nat'l Park. And several boring trips with potential for weather.

It guys out nicely. So, I love taking it for high wind conditions. If you are a dope, like me and don't cinch out all the corners then it flaps and your wife will get cranky. But once your buddy has you cinch it up, nice and flapless.

Hard to say enough about the weight and sturdiness though. The hole in the floor works nicely to sweep debris out of the tent, but I worry about using it too much and compromising its waterproofness.

Stuff sack is too tight for me so I bought a bigger stuff sack to put it in.




phi100617245 wrote a review of on June 2, 2012

5 5

I got this tent 50% off from steep and cheap.

It did great in 50 mph winds at Capitol Reef National Park over memorial day weekend, even though, I hadn't cinched down the poles good. It had some flap to it before that, but once it was completely guyed out and tightened it was rock solid. Even without being nice and tight, it was never close to blowing away or folding. So be sure you tighten the webbing where the poles attach as this makes the tent taut-er.
It does also have some tie downs on the inside of the roof that you can use to make it even tighter. I haven't tried those yet.

It fits our family of 3 nicely head to head, but if somebody goes head to toe, we have tons of room. We fit all our packs at the foot and still had a little room in the vestibule. If we ever get that 4th kid, it will probably still function until our 2 are bigger.

Temperature was 25 degrees with 2-3 inches of snow at Great Basin, it did get some condensation. But if you carry a little broom head you can brush it out of the trap door in the vestibule.

Gear storage pockets are small, but really well placed. The triangles are just big enough to hold a headlamp and glasses and keep them out of the way.

I love the colors, but the transparent fabric, does make it harder to sleep in. I think this is to make it more cheery if you are snowed in all day waiting to summit or something.

The tent bag it came with is soooo tight to try and stuff it back into, I bought a bigger one with some compression straps to make putting it away easier.