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pathos wrote an answer about on January 24, 2011

I'd say it is marginally warmer than the atom LT. The face fabric is soft, with a smooth hand, micro ripstop. Pretty standard. I can compress my medium down to around the size of a nalgene, would go smaller in a stuff sack.

As for warmth, I wore a t-shirt, 100 weight fleece, and this guy walking 2 miles to the post office a few days ago when it was 7 degrees out, with windchill to -10ish. I was, if anything, too warm. Caveat, my body runs pretty warm, but this sweater works.




pathos wrote a review of on December 2, 2010

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Has the same fit as the merino bliss shirt, just without the thumb loops, great for us taller people. Merino inner has a terrycloth like finish, very soft, with no itch factor. The nylon face has a really nice hand, and feels durable. It is warm with a little wind resistance, but still very breathable. Excellent heavier base layer.




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