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pas3150287 wrote an answer about on April 3, 2011

Thank you, Peter! Your comment is very educational and helpful.
I went with the pack anyway, since it was the right volume and had nice features on the web; and I didn't like competitive Osprey Esther/Argon. I liked Arc'teryx Bora and still may come to it.
I received it and have some comments.
Good: looks extremely weatherproof, material looks waterproof and seams are taped; hence no need for rain cover.
Internal volume is great, just like I wanted.
It has useful pockets. Pocket on lid is spacious and has another zipped flat pocket for documents/keys. There are 2 small pockets on waist belt, which are useful, unlike primero.

Things I am not so sure about:
I would prefer complete zipped separation between sleeping bag and main compartment.
The water bottle holder will fit 750 ml bottle, not 1 liter Nalgen. (By the way, there is a special pouch for the holder with Velcro closure.)
Zip on lid pocket is glued to fabric, and there is a place , where it got separated right away (if I keep the pack, I will put stitching on it).
I still have some reservation about suspension system, since I have seen some negative comments about Primero 85, but it has to be seen in use.

I will update my impressions when I use it for a while.