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pal2886866 wrote a review of on July 26, 2009

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When I first started climbing, I bought evolv demortos online but they were just too small at a size 10.. i was confused as a beginner because everyone was telling me "they should hurt a little and be really tight". I wasn't really sure if I was being a wuss until I realized that I couldn't even walk to the rocks without severe pain and maybe I needed a new shoe.

I went to EMS and was fitted with about 5 different kinds of shoes, all ranging from 80-130$. I really liked the evolv defys, but the tops just didn't hug my feet well. These 5.10s fit me like a glove, and they haven't stretched at a size 10. I'm not sure what kind of feet I have (I wear 10 1/2 street) but something about these coyotes fit me just right. I don't wear socks while climbing and neither should you!

I climb 5.10 top rope and v4 boulder (and I'm told the routes are set up much harder at my gym) and I have had no problems the 3 months I have had these. I have been heel hooking since day 1 of my climbing and have had no problems... The rubber is still in great condition with little wear.. ONLY wear I can see is a little on the leather in between the rubber on the heel, where I heel hook. I would highly recommend these for anyone who wants a pair of shoes and is willing to spend a little $$. You get what you pay for... And renting shoes about 15 times could have got you your own shoes. Someone said above me that you will outgrow these, but I see people with these in my gym climbing 5.12 routes with them. They are a no frills shoe.. These will be the perfect first shoe! too bad they are ugly haha