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noydb wrote an answer about on March 15, 2009

The Suunto provided software is not compatible with a Mac's OSX. It requires Windows, which can be operated on a Mac via Bootcamp or an emulation app (like Parallels). As for extracting with a Mac for use with another program, there is no indication that it is possible either. The only write-ups to date have been to use a Windows-based machine (or an OS emulator or Bootcamp) to extract the information and then to port to a Mac program. While USB is the connection, the software still must know the protocol to retrieve the information from the X10.It's unfortunate that Suunto appears to be unwilling to support the Mac platform. Based on various forums this has been a point of contention for many. Someone did build a third party app for downloading some of the Suunto dive watches to a Mac, but no such luck for the rest of us.




noydb wrote a review of on March 9, 2009

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As the owner of the X-Lander, I was familiar with Suunto products. I ordered the X10 with great anticipation, but was very disappointed.

I knew it had limitations -- poor battery life (making it unable to track for long backpacking trips unless a power source is avaialble) and no support for Mac OSX (or allowance for third party development apparently), but I could rationalize and work around them (or so I thought).

For something with such great promise, the unit requires too many button actions to get it operating. Even after those travails, which I figured would become faster with time, I found that it would lose GPS lock on a casual (ie, not fast) walk of a couple miles. This was confirmed a couple times. Upon returning each time I was greeted with the provided software, which is quite poor in design and operations. Yes, this goes well beyond a typical Mac vs. Windows bias.

While a nice try, and perhaps perfectly suited for GPS junkies, the X10 needs a lot of refinement.