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nig5381282 wrote a review of on March 20, 2012

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Just got in from Mt Guadalupe in Salt Flat, TX and I'm SO glad I chose this jacket. The mountain is about 5600 ft up with a lot of cut backs and we just happened to come right after/in the middle of a nasty cold front. There was snow as soon as we stepped out of the car on the ground and snow started falling at about 3,000 feet. There were gusts up to 70mph on the exposed face of the mountain with a constant flurry. There was about a foot of fresh powdered snow on several of the back side cutbacks. With all of that my upper body never got wet and I was never cold. The jacket basically eliminated the wind. All I had on under the jacket was a sleeveless underarmor shirt and an underarmor stretchy mesh T. The jacket was very light but unexpectedly warm with the conditions. With all of the pockets I was able to take a light Vaude backpack. It was a challenging hike but I'm so proud of my gear. I will definitely be buying more from BackCountry. The initial reviews led me to my items and I hope this review leads someone to it as well. Happy hiking!