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nakulmunja1230316 wrote a question about on November 15, 2009

I need to know when this thing is going to be in steep and cheap or whiskey militia....this thing is expensive but I have to get this as a gift. I understand it was on whiskey militia recently. Would you be able to sell it to me for that price?




nakulmunja1230316 wrote a review of on November 17, 2008

5 5

This is easily one of the best purchases I have ever made. I have had an Osprey Finesse Carbon Ripstop (very similar to the Argon but older and slightly smaller) for about 12 years (!) now. During this time, it has been manhandled by angry baggage handlers from Bangkok to Munich, climbed a total of 6 14ers in Colorado, been hucked around on my back on snowboard trips (while riding mind you), saved me from a tree well in Purgatory Durango I once fell into, carried my laundry up and down a mountain on my mountain bike when I didn't have a car, gone skateboarding through Tokyo, on business trips galore holding everything from suits to really heavy marketing material. Back in college it even carried a puppy for a day when I didn't want to live it alone and hid him inside the pack with some doggie food and my books.
I bought this thing back in 1996 and rest assured, I have absolutely no regrets. It is still as tough as it ever was. I broke one of the plastic snaps on it down in Mexico once but the thing is built with so many backups snaps that you can always find another way to rig it.
Did I mention that it is still the thing I reach for, pretty much anytime I am going anywhere?