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Aakash K.

Aakash K.

Copper MTN, WP/MJ

Aakash K.'s Passions

Hiking & Camping

Aakash K.'s Bio

Short and Skinny.. Born in 1980 (80's babies baby!)I grew up in N.H. Small catholic school had K-8th had X-Country running, BBall and Ski Team. I started skiing in 4th grade, and rode my first board when i was 12. And,I never stopped! Skateboarding was all we did in the summer so it came very naturally to me...1 run and I had it (although I still caught edges, OUCH!)

I moved to Oklahoma when in High School so started going to Colorado every year...In College I NEVER had class on Fri & Mon so I'd go to Co. more often than not. And, a friend of mine moved there, so I always had a place to crash.

Finally moved to Denver 2 years ago! I didn't really need any new gear (I got some new outerwear at colo ski and golf T-rex sail last year) until around now so I just now really got into this forum. I used to go pretty big in the terrain parks but now I just love all mountain riding. Still hit a park now and then for the kickers and a soap box or two...Old Age takes it's toll! I don't really throw any big twists any more...the occasional FS 360. FS/BS 180 Grabs all day. But that's about it.(I've had some nasty spills and want to keep riding my whole life!) I love seeing the new breed of riders progress! Especially these kids! it's sick! little 8-12 year olds breaking off 540' it's great! So that's it, I chill at WP/MJ, Copper Mtn and 6 days at steamboat every year for the past 2...That Pass sound familiar? :) Bueler?.....anyone?......anyone?......