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mmo4562820 wrote a review of on April 24, 2011

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The first thing I noticed about the DC Judge snowboard boots were how light they were. The duel Boa system dialed in a comfortable yet firm fit. The connection to my board felt new and fully responsive. The insulation is a bit thin but was easily fixed with boot warmer packs under my toes. The boots are new so I cannot comment on the wear. In sum, they are light and the feel is better than any boot I've ever worn in the past 15 yrs I've been riding. I am very pleased.





mmo4562820 wrote a review of on March 11, 2011

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I use my dagger weekends on the river mostly. When the skeg (dagger) is up the boat zigzags with each stroke when the skeg is down it tracks like a champ! It's wide and has a flatter bottom so it's stable, there is a cup holder forward of the seat which doesn't adjust for differing cup/container sizes. There is a flotation wedge in the bow just in case. The boat is light and easily loaded onto a roof rack. The skeg will clog when you pulled out on sand or gravel, be sure to check it. The well cover locks down tight like Tupperware and adds air flotation. The stern well is a good size but you would be challenged to fit much camping gear. The bow and stern deck bungees can hold down some small items but there are no hard points to tie down. There is grommet behind the cockpit to secure a paddle runaway line. A bow grommet ring would be a nice addition if you want to lock the boat to a tree for security. All around nice boat easy to maneuver and tracks like a much large kayak, great performance on the lake and river. The Dagger is a fun and versatile kayak well worth the cost.