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michael1409168 wrote a review of on August 19, 2012

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With climbing pants on, my waist measures about 35 inches and I have unusually large thighs. Nevertheless, the small size fit me just fine. The leg loops could be loosened enough to don and doff the harness even wearing crampons and cargo pockets stuffed fuller than a chipmunk's cheeks. Over three days of glacier travel with a few pitches of technical rock mixed in, I noticed little or no difference in comfort between this harness and my Singing Rock harness weighing 6.75 ounces more. The gear loops are conveniently located. The buckles don't need to be re-threaded. That speeds up putting on the harness. On my Salter 3001 electronic kitchen scale, this harness (size Small) weighs 281 grams (9-7/8 ounces). My other harness weighs 473 grams (16-5/8 ounces). Adopting this harness shaved 6-3/4 ounces from my pack with little difference in wearing comfort. The weight reduction made a significant difference in hauling a four-day pack up a 5,400-vertical-foot approach.