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Alpine Skiing

merp569695 wrote an answer about on September 21, 2010

The reason you are seeing 2 different colors is because Norrana has utilized a slightly different fabric on the shoulders to handle carrying a back pack and wick moisture off a little better than on the body. But no this is an all shoulders and body look slightly different due to the fabrics, 'black' although they call it "Caviar" jacket.




merp569695 wrote an answer about on September 13, 2010

Yes. You can see the "cinch" on the top, that will let you snug it down quite nicely to keep the rain out. Here is the breakdown on Marmot's breatheablility. M2 shells (which these are) are the ideal balance between weather resistance, breathability and thermal protection. They are appropriate for a wide range of aerobic use in moderate to cold conditions.

So you should be warm and have good breathability with this one.



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