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mcl3111705 wrote an answer about on November 11, 2009

I also have the optimus nova and have been using it with MSR bottles that I have. I have no problems in warm weather but in cold weather (under 30) I had the bottle leak several times. At first I did not realize how bad it was until one time backpacking in the snow and the leaked fuel caught fire which ruined the black caps which cover connections and also melted the O-ring inside the quik fitting on the fuel line. I was able to use some plastic to "seal" the line enough to hold some pressure to barely warm some water but not cook. When I got back I contacted Optimus and they sent replacement parts for no charge.

In all, do not use MSR bottles. Use only Optimus or maybe Brunton bottles. Unless you want to risk a fire. Remember that it may seem to seal but in cold weather you will most likely have a leak.