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mck4996157 wrote a review of on September 18, 2012

5 5

I took a slight risk with this pack. No one had reviewed it, and all I had to work with was the general appearance, as well as the stock description. To be honest, the primary reason that I chose this pack was due to one feature: the duffel access. Well, to cut to the chase, the risk paid off. This pack is great.

So far, I've only used it to travel from NC to Houston and back (I was too excited not to use it) by plane, but I can't wait to take it to the crag. You'll be pleased with the suspension, and particularly with the storage options. That smaller, zippered pocket on front is great for small, flatter items. Freedom of movement is definitely there. You'll be loaded mostly on the hips, and your arms can do what they like, especially because of the pack's narrow construction (I'd expected much wider). Note that the space increases with the extendable drawstring closure. The top can be raised to cover a taller load.Vertical expansion. That's what I like for a climbing pack. Tight and tidy.





mck4996157 wrote a review of on June 1, 2012

3 5

The strange thing about the "speed adjust" feature of this harness is that, although the sizing charts read that a Small or a Medium or a Large will fit a range of sizes (e.g. "waist size 30-33"), the wedgie straps and the belay loop are only centered in back and front, respectively, when the single waist buckle is tightened all the way. Thus, the harness only fits one size. Luckily, it can be snugged up on my waist just so that it almost centers. However, I bought this harness for work, where we don't always wear them fully tightened (freedom of movement on the ground), so I walk around slightly twisted in the nether regions. The other con is that the wedgie straps have the most inconceivable buckles I've ever encountered. One would need an ice-pick and a lot of free time to sit down and adjust them. The harness is fairly comfortable on the wall, but I would recommend ANY harness with two waist buckles over this one.