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mar4718151wrote a question about on April 11, 2014

how do these compare to the 5.10 dragon and or quantum?

I have found my dragons true to my sizing in quantums and the dragons are by far the smallest best fitting shoe to my foot I've worn from many different companies. (I think 5.10 fits my foot well.)

PS. I have used quantum and the dragons for the past year of climbing. I have owned the Blue and the newest VXi. The VXi was to soft for me on quite a bit of climbs I did though.




mar4718151wrote a question about on September 2, 2013

Any new information to share about a shipment of these shoes? I read and was told July to late August would be an approximate in stock time range. I am mostly wondering if the company is still waiting on the arrival of the shoes or has any new information to share on any new possible time ranges we would be able to purchase the shoe




mar4718151wrote a review of on August 29, 2013

5 5

Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions
Fit: True to size

just ordered the new 5.10 blackwing in US 11.5. Here I thought the Evolv Shaman was the shoe for my foot, WRONG. These shoes fit me so much better in the heel and they're lighter. Having a smaller knuckle box area on the 5.10's will be better for smaller feet. ( I sometimes get my shamans stuck in small holes or can't establish my feet properly. I have not climbed with them yet only getting them today but just wearing them real quick I could tell they were much better for my foot. I have a wider upper foot being broad across the knuckles where the toes meet the foot itself and then medium length toes. My foot is slightly flatter but extremely petite from that point back with a very small heel that barely sticks out. These shoes out of all the shoes I have worn have fit my foot the best as of now. I may need to size down after trying them with climbing but I'll see.

Shoes I've worn

MadRock muygen US 12 decent fit but terrible shoe
5.10 team (neon blue) US 11.5 extremely painful fit and eventually gave up
5.10 Hornet US 12 Way to big on me
5.10 quantum US 10.5 fit but not my style, little to tight too
La Sportiva katana US 11.5 way to loose in the heel like all of them loose toes
La Sportiva testarossa US 10.5 fit in the toe extremely loose in the heel
Scarpa Instinct Slip-on US 11 meh, fit decent didnt like loose heel kinda and smaller toes
Scarpa Instinct Lace-up US11, same story but could adjust the arch of the foot by pulling the laces tighter in certain spots.
Evolv Shaman great in the toe box slightly loose heel ( have gone through 3 pairs and thought they were my shoes for my feet.

I'll update after climbing in them, hopefully they stay this snug only slightly painful but cozy tight, not to tight that i can't apply pressure and no loose room in the heel or toes. Finally found my shoe of choice for now.

Ordered these and already can tell that they're better.... Next shoe to try will be the new 5.10 VXi team.




mar4718151wrote a question about on August 16, 2013

I've worn 5.10 team (neon blue) in US 11.5 they were toe crushingly painful, I gave up on them after 3 months and have found a home with the Evolv Shaman in US 11.5 I can wear an 11 but prefer to size up for being on longer routes.. They're still tight and can be uncomfortable after wearing them for longer periods of time. (15-20 min) Can someone recommend a size for me on these?




mar4718151wrote a question about on April 14, 2013

So I have worn many a brands and shoes. I had a pair of 5.10 teams for 3 months and still couldn't get past the pain of wearing them. Some days were better than others but I have larger feet and ended up getting a US 11.5 for the 5.10 team I really liked the shoes and the STEALTH rubber but eventually gave in and returned them. I have eventually stumbled to the Evolv Shaman in the same size and love them, the rubber seems to wear a bit fast for my liking but overall I love the shoes. I have tried two pairs of scarpa instincts and then the la sportiva testarossa I wasn't a big fan of either of those brands and had a hard time getting a shoe with a heel small enough to leave no air. The testarossa had a great comfy toe box (like the shaman IMO) I had worn a US9 in these shoes and still had problems with my heel being sloppy and extra material (air pocket) bunching up and sliding around on me.

If anyone has worn or climbed with the 5.10 team shoes (US 11.5) could you give me a size recommendation on these Blackwing? Wearing the Teams in the US 11.5 was almost unbearable at times. I couldn't get past the pain of my toes. Sometimes my feet would be bruised and bleeding after climbing some routes. I wan't to get back to the 5.10 shoes after liking them so much but haven't found a pair I can wear and still be able to enjoy climbing. My shamans are tight and still hurt after 2 months of wearing them but I can fight through it.

Can someone suggest a size or try and compare them to the 5.10 Team (US 11.5) or the Evolv Shaman (US 11.5)?




mar4718151wrote a question about on January 23, 2012

I previously had a pair of the 5.10 teams in 11.5 US I wore them for a little longer than 3 months and they still were to painful. I am a big fan of the 5.10 rubber and heel. I wear a 9.5 US testarosa and have an 11.5 US Evolv Shaman for my comfy shoe. I was hoping to find a shoe like the testarosa or the Shaman with the big knuckle box and love bump in the foot. However the heel in the La Sportiva is just way to sloppy for my foot. I am thinking that these shoes have a bigger toe box for the knuckle than the 5.10 teams, Any sizing advice with getting these shoes or any advice on another aggressive pair?



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