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mar3926939 wrote a question about on October 29, 2012

Like keip18559 I am wanting to move away from Duke's due to their weight. I currently spend about 50/50 BC/in bounds but cant really afford a quiver of skis. I am tending more and more towards BC each year as I find more places to go and more friends to tour with.
I like the Dukes for their stout construction and dependability ( who wants to be miles out with a broken binding) and have veered away from the tech style bindings as they have not shared the downhill strength in the past. The reviews for the new 12/13 Radical FT's have been promising to say the least. Revealing that the 11/12 issues have been addressed.
Are they strong enough to compete with the kind of hammering that I tend to give to the Dukes? (Cliffs and Pillow lines, hard landings, tight tree skiing)
I'm 5'10", 230 pounds with a typical pack and gear. BD Factor 130 boots
Thanks for your input.