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m wrote a review of on September 15, 2011

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Backcountry.com... What are you doing with your own line of clothing? It's fading away and getting weak!

Bring back the hoody that only has the small Ram logo on the left chest (mine's about worn out.) I get compliments on that hoody all the time. And you know what people like?


I honestly think you guys have one of the most unique logos anywhere and you're wasting it. You're wasting it by not using it and from what I can tell from other reviews, you're putting it on some really weird sized clothing.

Figure these things out and leverage the power of The Ram! I don't even like logos really. This one is fun though.

Get this critique to management somehow and jar their heads out till they see the opportunity.

Seriously Mr./Mrs. Manager, people stop me on the street to ask, and I'm a dude.

People don't really do that to dudes unless they really want to know.





m wrote a review of on October 6, 2010

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I ended up buying this after posting my question below. It worked great in Alaska, and since. A nice fleece interior, but very thin. This thing is made to block wind and breath, not accentuate warmth. It will do the trick from 45-65 with just a T-shirt on below it, use a thin fleece to take you down a bit lower. Water beads well for now. Only thing it could use is a wire brim hood like the RAB stuff.Power shield is great and I think it's even superior to Polartecs new Powershield Pro. I saw the new Pro stuff at a store and the membrane is too apparent and feels like it would be tacky in the least bit sweat. Not so with old powershield. Take all that part with a grain of salt though, since i didn get to test the new powershield pro.It fits long, which I find nice.I am 5ft11 and the L (XL on the tag) fits well.





m wrote a question about on March 9, 2010

Will this softshell do well in the 30-60 degree Fahrenheit range? I''m thinking about buying this for a trip to south Alaska in June. The piece needs to be my main jacket (eVent hardshell will backup.) Average temps are 55 degrees, record low of 33 deg. I want to cover that range in something that breathes and blocks 95% of the wind. Is this the jacket? If you have a windstopper piece and a powershield piece, which do you prefer and why?