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lth4134289 wrote a review of on January 7, 2011

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Just returned from a five day trip on the Colorado Trail. Altitude ranged from 10,000 feet to 11,000 feet. Temps were as cold as 10 below to 10 above at night, and 10 above to 26 above as daytime highs. All water was from melting snow. The Jetboil GPS worked but it was a pain to use. We had the hanging kit that is made for it. Using the hanging kit in the tent with the door closed did work fairly well because the stove heated up the tent and thus the canister; however, the chore of melting snow for three people: dinner, drinking water, and the next days breakfast and drinking water (a two to three hour chore) was messy working inside the tent. Addiing snow to the pot and pouring out of the pot was just messy. Perhaps I am not as experienced at cooking in the tent as a sherpa on Everest. Anyway, the stove hardly worked in the vestibule so in the tent was the only way. I much prefer my MSR Dragon Fly in my vestibule because it works well at any temp. The next day my son dug a fire pit; about six feet in diameter. The stove worked pretty well by putting it in the pit and letting the fire warm the canister. Clearly this is (was) not an ideal way and very time consuming. And of course we had to be damn careful that the canister didn't get too hot. I don't think I would have had a fire if my son hadn't been with us. Again, I'll stick with my MSR Dragon Fly in the winter.