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livetoride85-0wrote a review of on June 4, 2009

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This board is my favorite, so much my favorite that I own the 2006-2007 and I just picked up this model (08-09)! Not an entry level board by any means. It can handle anything, it's aggressive and amazing for carving. A little more effort and reaction time needed for quick turns in the trees as it is a little stiffer torsionally, but if you're looking at this board, you can probably handle it. If not, get a smooth-flexing entry level board and make sure it's a Rome :)

Longitudinal flex allows for easy ollies, 180's and plenty of pop. Stable on jump landings too and I beat it up a little on rails. If you want to get real buttery, get the Rome Detail or Lo-Fi. All around great ride for intermediate to advanced women and forces you to progress. I've gotten so much more confidence in my riding in 2 years, that I can't imagine how I'll be riding in 2 more on these boards.

I'm probably going to be owning a Rome park board soon just because I love them and I'm sure it will stand up to the abuse like the Blue has oh and the Rome Madisions' go great with this board!