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Walter's Passions

Hiking & Camping wrote a review of on August 12, 2012

5 5

Best shorts I have ever owned.

Midweight fabric. Excellent pocket placement. Get them wet. Dry in 45 minutes. Not flimsy or revealing. Really different looking but not in a stupid, "where are my trail running shoes" sort of way. Different and tasteful.

Warning: Your normal size will be slim. These are NOT regular fit shorts. I bought a pair of same size MK shorts and I was swimming in them. Heck, I invited my wife to join me.

If you are underweight buy your reg size.

American sizing is one size big compared to Kuhl. Size up one.

Kuhl shorts ARE slim fit. These short were tailor made for me.

69" tall. 144 lbs.

(0) wrote a review of on February 3, 2012

5 5

Do you want lots of layers underneath. Get your regular size.

Do you want a light layer or two and a trim fit?

Go down a size.

I went down a size from a men's medium ,which normally fits like a glove, and it worked. A superb fit in a very functional jacket.

The jacket is long, even sized down, but that means no coin slot problems and good for the bike.

The hood is not garbage can sized. Very good for the bare head.

This is a great softshell at an even better price point.



0 Comments wrote a review of on January 5, 2012

5 5

I have the ultralight. My dimensions: 40" chest. 31" waist. I can buy almost any medium off the rack and it fits. My dress jacket size is 40 with no alteration. I am right at the upper end of the medium size for Patagonia and Montbell.

The ultra light fits like my tailored made suits from Hong Kong. It is a layer piece, but I can make it by with a light sweater underneath, but the armpits are a bit tight.

Material is light ripstop. There is no drawcord at the waist. The pockets are now zipped, but mine is the older version.

I put it under a hard shell, or a hoodless softshell and I am warm into the upper 20's.

It packs small. I took it to Glacier last year and wore it in the evening with a t shirt underneath. Worked great.

The material is light. It is shiny. The jacket is NOT PUFFY. It will not make you look goofy or fat uptop. You can beat this up quick if you are rubbing up against things and it will rip if you are around sharp objects.

Tight at the waist. THIS IS SLIM FIT, probably the slimmest fitting synthetic jacket our there. Unless you are of athletic build SIZE UP.




0 Comments wrote a review of on March 19, 2011

5 5

69" tall. 41 inch chest. 30 'inch waist. 16 neck.
I wear a medium. Fits like the suits I bought in Hong Kong. Build is excellent. Chestnut color is really cool. Sets you apart, but not like an astronaut. You can wear it to work, or the coffee shop, or out on your adventures. I wanted dark navy but it was out of stock. Glad I got the brown.

This jacket is sort of shiny. Depends on the lighting. But it does not have the saran wrap look.

You will not wear this jacket to repair your car, or to a business meeting with a client. But for everything else it is wonderful.

This jacket, IF you are athletic build, IS the ultralight jacket to own.

The patagonia nan puff jacket is blocky just below the chest. Might as well try to carry a child with that thing or pack some very big heat, like a sawed off shotgun.

In the 30's I wear it with a thin smartwool underlayer. After a cold winter surf in Ventura it is easy to pull on and warms me up right away. Forget about putting anything heavy underneath it. This is either an outlayer on somewhat cold days, or a top layer in the mid 30's. It is windproof. I felt no leakage.

It is delicate, so be careful where you drag your elbows. I am 36" in the hips and this jacket hugs.

One more time. If you are a fit person, this jacket is THE ONE. As my mama said, clothes that FIT almost always look good.

For those who insist on zip pockets, there is no way you can put anything of any mass in the pockets of any ultralight jacket. It will feel like a brick in your back pocket.

Buy it, and if you do not like it, then I will buy a used medium from you. Make it dark navy.



0 Comments wrote a review of on April 12, 2010

5 5

Great shirt. Good for work. Good for play. Doesn't wrinkle. It will never look like a dish rag after washing. The mix of poly and cotton is just right for the not wrinkled but still comfy feel. The sleeves hit low on the bicep almost where the tendon attach the bicep to the elbow. Any shorter and you'd look sort of, well you know what I mean. Any longer and loose and it would look like Costco stuff.

I took a trip to DC and packed light and tight. These shirt came out of my really small roll suitcase looking nice and crisp. I wore them in the sticky heat while I walked around the memorials, and then out to dinner that night with a sweater pulled on over them. I dressed them up with khakis and down with jeans. Up with leather shoes and down with sneakers. Versatile shirts.

This is the best, low care, no iron, short sleeve shirt that Patagonia makes. I have several of Patagonia's organic cotton shirts and when they come out of the dryer I have a whole lotta' ironing to do. And the wrinkles never seem to disappear. They almost look like dish towels. Forget that!

The Fezzman is slim fit. That means the chest, and the waist are quite a bit tighter than the regular fit. I would go regular if you are big in the chest or waist. This shirt will fit too tight.

As my late mother once said: If your clothes are gonna' look good they HAVE TO FIT.

Perfect for slim, runner type folks. If you have that build, avoid regular fit, the chest and waist are really big.

Hope this helps.

One more thing. The loud checks and prints look really nice on the mannequins. Cool it! Go with the subtle stuff. It is easier to fit into any wardrobe.



0 Comments wrote a review of on October 4, 2009

5 5

I own just about every soft shell out there from just about every manufacturer. For the most part, unless you are a committed, top notch, person, these jackets are a complete waste.

This jacket though is what 99% of the populace needs. It provides needed wind break, sun break, and insect break.

I I used it in DC when the sun disappeared and it rained for ten minutes straight in Arlington National Cemetry. Then I pulled it off and stowed it back in my pocket.

Then I used it as a fanny pack. Twirled up my small purchase and knotted the jacket around my waist.

I have been at the beach getting beat to death by the sun and put this thing on. Viola', no sunburn.

I have been in the mountains on a rest break getting bombed by mosquitos. Whipped this jacket out of pocket pulled it on and no more bother.

I was waiting on the top of an 11,000 foot peak for my partner after a trail run to the top. I was getting cold. Whipped out this hidden jacket and was warm, shielded from the sun, and the damn biting horse flies.

This jacket is it. I stuff it in my pack, I am 52 years old, for my bike ride to my office.

Oh yeah, I have been on a sunny beach, windy, in the 80's and feeling the sun burn me to a crisp. Pulled out my sky blue Houdini, and no more sun worries. Also, no sticky, smelly sun screen smeared all over me.

This jacket is a wonderful piece of travel clothing.

Good bye to sun screen and insect repellent, as long as I have this jacket.

The best color. Sky blue. Guys, I know. Sky Blue? Seriously, it is a manly color the way Patagonia did it.

Only $125.00. Now, can I return the closet of soft shells I own that promised this and at three times the price?

The best product I have owned in years.



0 Comments wrote an answer about on May 7, 2009

I have a 2007 Rav4 v-6. This pad fits perfectly with the head pillow deflated. But if you slide the front seats forward a bit, then you can inflate the head pillow.

My real problem is that the back seat of the Rav does not fold down flat, so you will be sleeping on a bit of an incline towards your head.

Otherwise it fits perfectly width wise. And for this price who cares?

(0) wrote a review of on September 26, 2006

5 5

It's light, big, and sturdy. One person, with only half of a brain can set it up. But that half brain will need two arms. It can be easily moved, and it throws some serious shade. Anyone who would own a 50lb EZ-UP needs to have their head examined. One of the coolest things about this shade is the size: This thing will easily cover a picnic table and then some. Do stake it down. It will blow away. The sleeves on the canopy easily accommodate the poles: That makes a solo set-up a breeze. Paha Que knows how to make family camping equipment. They are the experts. Of course this site had the best price and very best service: They are my go to guys for outdoor equipment.



0 Comments wrote a review of on August 14, 2006

5 5

These briefs work. They hold no odor, dry quickly, and work quite well as an impromptu swimsuit. They dry with a towel. Without a very close examination, they look just like a black Speedo.
I surf a lot, and have to do towel changes at the beach which are a real nuisance. With these briefs on, I can quickly pull on my wettie without wrestling with a towel.
The brief does not lose its shape in water. Afterwards, I pull off my wettie and towel dry the brief, pull on my shorts and I am done.
Public showers are no problem either. I just wear the brief in the shower and maintain a level of privacy I desire. Then I just towel them off again and they are dry.
I also have Patagonia's Capilene brief and they are in every way an inferior product. They do not hold their shape when wet, they do not dry quickly or towel dry, they look like a brief, and they do not ride low. And they cost more.
One suggestion: Buy one size smaller than you normally wear and only buy black.



0 Comments wrote a review of on July 17, 2006

5 5

I was a sworn advocate of a Capilene base layer and then a light ArcTeryx outerlayer for wind protection when I cross country skiing. Then I found this product. Amazing. I had to get used to the tighteness and the initial crispness of the fabric. I wore it everyday for my morning runs and broke it in. It's intial tight fit fit like a plastic bag that gave a little bit and now it fits me like a second skin. It stretches, it breathes, and it is so light and it keeps me so warm and never, ever clammy.
I wear a lightweight Capilene short sleeve shirt underneath it when it is really cold. I wear it alone on warmer days for track skiing. I have also used it for kayaking.
I now have Patagonia gear hanging in my closet from my "layering" days that sits unused. Layers are a pain to use and a pain to carry. Why not wear ultralight layers instead that never have to removed?
The only caveat: You have to be one athletic dude to wear this stuff. It fits like a tailor made suit from Singapore. There are prickly seams in this garmet, but they go away after several uses when the jacket relaxes to your shape.
Worth the money. It works for every outdoor activity where wind protection, some rain protection, and lightweight is required.
The only thing I would not do in this garment is address Congress.



0 Comments wrote a review of on March 20, 2006

5 5

These pants are a dependable all-around backcountry ski pant. Zippers are sturdy and waterproof. Of course, you are not going yank like the dickens on them, but they appear to be the self-healing type. The side zips extend from the hip points to the ankle. Edge guards are sturdy and do not make the pants heavy. The drawcords around the pant openings reliably keep out powder. The pants are light, with no insulating lining, and the material is stretchy and has a sturdy feel. I have used these pants when it's sunny warm spring skiing and when it is dead of winter cold, with wet sticky snow. The pants breathe well and will keep you dry as a bone. The wise choice of an insulating layer for your legs is paramount. I use a midweight Capilene and it is perfect year round.

These pants ride just a bit below the belly button, almost like a pair of Levi 501s. Make sure your jacket compensates for that. My only concern is that since the pants are supposed to stretch and they do, the fit is quite athletic in the waist and the hips. If you are not a runner and super fit, or have a big build, these pants may be a little tight in the rear end and crotch.

Finally, the pants make almost no sound when you are skiing, and have a softer and heavier feel than nylon. The black on brown trim looks rather sharp in the parking lot. You will not look like the Michelin Man or Farmer John is these pants. Also, the price is quite nice and will not blow a hole in your wallet.



0 Comments wrote a review of on January 5, 2006

5 5

In the Sierras, land of wet snow, it is nice to have an adjustable pole at a very reasonable price. Skinning up hill I lengthen them, and then coming down I shorten them. The Flicklock is sturdy and certain in holding its position. I made all of my adjustments with a thick pair of gloves on. The grips are easy on the hands, and accommodate a number of hand positions. I removed my gloves for part of my tour and had no hand discomfort. The straps were easy to adjust with gloves on and were soft to the bare hand. Changing baskets was a breeze. Recommend purchasing the powder baskets at the same time as the poles. They also look nice, and with the reasonable price, I will not be whining and complaining when I eventually break them. A great product at a great price.



0 Comments wrote a review of on February 15, 2005

5 5

I gave these sunglasses to my wife as a present. I cannot count the number of times I have spent mucho bucks for overpriced plastic sunglasses only to have the lenses scratched in a week or two.

Now I have peace of mind: They came with three lenses. The frames were stylishly small for my wife, and had a very complimentary tortoise pattern. The pattern is wrap around but not bug eye style.

Lens removal requires the finger-hand strength/dexterity of a dental hygienist, but I will get over that. All in all, they’re great around town and sport sunglasses.