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I lost the birthplace lottery and got stuck in Delaware, with the lone consolation of living 5 minutes from the Atlantic. I escape frequently to the better part of the country, i.e. North, occasionally venture to other exciting locales (Middle East), and kick around with my intrepid canine companion and 3 Morgans, two of whom are considerably less adventurous than the dog.


lea2954955 wrote a review of on August 11, 2010

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I bought a Margot dress last year and loved it so much I wanted another one. The one I bought this year is sized for an Amazon. I'm 5' tall and thin and I bought an XS ... last year it fit perfectly. I had to have the skirt on the new one shortened 3 inches and the straps taken up a lot, plus the sides taken in at the arms for gapping in the one I got this year. I definitely haven't shrunk, and I'm sad that they've altered their sizing so much! They're splendid dresses, but I had to pay as much to have it altered as I did to buy it :(





lea2954955 wrote an answer about on May 5, 2009

I want a harness to help move her. Her knees are arthritic, not weak. She is cleared for all activities by two veterinary surgeons. This pack would be purchased on their recommendations, as they suggested a sound body harness for assists, rather than the standard hospital practise of looping a leash under the dog's tummy. She's only ever carried her empty plastic poop bags and occasionally a water bowl. The stores near me only have this pack in her size, not the web harness. It was merely an inquiry as to the quality of support provided, and certainly no indication that I would intentionally hurt my dog or ask her to carry any undue burden for goodness sake!




lea2954955 wrote a question about on May 5, 2009

I have an adventurous Lab who has some knee issues, including lots of arthritis. She's sound to run and climb, and more than game, but she wears out faster than she used to. Is this pack something we can use to give her a boost when needed and help her up the stairs, like the web harness is supposed to be?