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West "By" God

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Mountain Biking
Sport Climbing

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Pack it up, in and out! Beat feeting it on the east coast I dream big, big like Rockies but obtainable like The Appalachians. On the water for work and play nearly the whole year long I need gear that works. As much as I’d like to say otherwise, working my ass off for government pay I can’t afford the luxurious Patagoochie. I can say that I am every immersed daily in the plight of our planet’s endangered species. I need gear that will stand up to a good whooping from time to time. You can’t control Mother Earth, respect her. Cheers, beers, and mountaineers.


labgoes2 wrote a review of on June 8, 2009

4 5

I'd give them a 4.5 if that was a rating option and that's just because I'm stingy. They are a sweet set of shades whther ripping waves, snow or pimping. I never have gotten into the aviator piece preferring functionality over chic. Smith rocks as a company and their products exhibit that rockedness. I have had a pair of smiths on my noggin for over a decade. Sad to say but every pair I have owned so far have had burials at sea (river, lakes, etc). So run up the flag!