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kzpalashniuk's Bio

[ me ]
karen; b'day august 26th 1992; resides in canada; straight-shooter; ethnic mix 'n match; has lots of friends; high tolerance; drug-free; smoke-free; can be a drinker; generally always happy;

[ fond of ]
music; friends + fam; juice; parties; movies; books; picture-taking/camera; texting; my htc touch diamond; money; ice cream; tim horton's; art; spanish; jeans; skate shoes; technology; recycling; quotes; colors; animals; my ipod; sports; showering; candles; obama; facebook; fuze; ddr; cosmopolitian; the comedy network; demetri martin; my truck; wildlife + wildlife preserves; life cereal; tea; history; showers; walks/runs; bandanas; jokes; concerts/shows; google; internet shopping; smiles; the united nations; nature;

[ repulsed by ]
bottled water; carbonated drinks; "hi wanna cam?"; plastic bags; the radio; fat people who complain about being fat but don't do anything about it; low batteries; hannah montanna/miley cyrus; mcdonald's; genocides; poverty; olives; the fat on meat; littering; zoos; dumb meaningless undetailed tatoos; racism/discriminating; prom; telemarketers;

[ also known as ]
kare-bare; wasabi; zimbabwe; power scooter racer; silly goose; fuckface; pp;

[ can be seen with ]
th; ac; cb; br; pw; tw; ec; el; kz; zs; th; jg; hf; cc; dw; dh; +


kzpalashniukwrote a review of on March 4, 2010

3 5

So here's the deal...
I def got good comments trending these bad boys,
But way too high of a waist for moi, like up to my belly button high,
I like my low rider jeans. And the legs on the pants were a tad too long,
which isn't exactly the easest to fix without ruining the style / look.

In short; 5 out of 5 for style, 2 out of 5 for comfort.