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konrad chen

konrad chen

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konrad chen

konrad chen wrote an answer about on May 11, 2011

Stick, if its 90 degrees out and raining, why are you hiking with a jacket on? You're better not wearing a jacket and getting wet, and than drying off in minutes once the rain stops. 90 degrees is crazy hot. Also, I prefer not having handpockets, because I use trekking poles. My hands never go inside my pockets because they are attached to the poles. Even if I wasn't using poles, I wouldn't want hand pockets on my rainwear. If it's raining, the trail is wet and slippery. You wouldn't want to hike with your hands in your pockets, because if you were to take a fall, whats to stop a full on face plant? Seriously, wet hands is the least of my concerns when the weather is foul.



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