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kiwilynnj1998926 wrote an answer about on December 1, 2010

I can't speak specifically about these boots, though I dearly wish I could as I am eyeing them keenly as a new backcountry boot. I have the Black Diamond Shiva boot which I use as a backcountry and inbound boot, though I spend most of my time in the backcountry. If you are going to be spending most of your time inbounds you might look at the Shiva and see if it is a better match for the Alpine skis you are considering. It is a heavier boot than the Swifts but you may find them to be more like a regular ski boot in terms of stiffness. Also you can buy alpine ski sole blocks for the Shiva should you ever get a pair of downhill skis with non AT bindings. I frequently ski my AT boots and bindings in the area on powder days, and I find the Shiva to be a solid enough boot to drive the ski once the powder gets chopped up. On groomer days I switch the sole blocks, which is a bit of a pain, and take out a pair of heavier, shaped skis with 'regular' bindings. A friend with years of backcountry experience has the men's version of the Shiva and told me it skis and feels like a regular Alpine boot. Hope this helps.



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