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kegsbytheriver wrote an answer about on April 14, 2011

There isn't a traditional sleeve for a hydration bladder, but you can still use one. This pack allows you to tuck away the shoulder straps; they're connected on the top and bottom via quick release buckles. The quick release buckles can be detached, and a hydration bladder can be inserted down into the space where the shoulder straps would be tucked away. Then, reattach the quick release buckles, and you have a hydration pack. This space is similar to the Talon series' hydration space. It might not be the most stable setup, especially if you're not using the rigid Opsrey Hydraform bladder, but it's better than nothing. I was pleasantly surprised when I figured all of this out because I thought I would have to slip the hydration bladder into the laptop compartment.




kegsbytheriver wrote a review of on February 25, 2008

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I've had this jacket for over two years now. I've owned a North Face Denali, and an Apex Bionic. The Khumbu, although cheaper and supposedly less efficient (and less trendy) than the other two, is by far my favorite fleece / softshell so far. No matter what anyone says to me, I'm convinced that this jacket is just as warm as the disgustingly overpriced Denali. The winter of '06 in Maine I wore the Khumbu with a sweatshirt underneath all winter - that was my winter jacket, and it served me wonderfully. Unless you're talking wind chills below zero, this jacket with appropriate layers will stand up to the cold. At around $80, I think it's overpriced (and this is their lowest priced fleece), but you're paying for The North Face logo on the front and back, after all. I'm tall, 6'3, around 200 lbs, and an XL is a perfect fit. It fits loosely, but not too loose, which I love. It feels just right on me. There aren't 300 tassels hanging off twenty different zippers - it's a no nonsense, simple, comfortable fleece. The jacket has also pilled up very little. There are a few occasional pills around the cuffs from time to time. The color (black) has barely faded very little over the past couple yearsl, which I find amazing. My only gripe with the color is that it's way too easy to see the dog hair. I'll probably pick up a different color Khumbu eventually, just to have an extra. I really hope The North Face doesn't discontinue this jacket, or modify it in any way. Also, Backcountry rocks - their sales can't be beat.