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k2h100564231 wrote an answer about on September 12, 2011

Just took my 3 year old Bora for a one night 12 mile RT in San Gorgonio mtns--SoCal. Never bought a rain cover based on reviews (and the number of times i've been in rain) and sales reps comments on water repellency. On the descent rain came in hard for 45+ minutes. When I got to the car and opened the brain it had collected about 1/2" of water!!! Literally poured it out. I had wrapped my wifes Nikon in my fleece beaney so it didn't get ruined. The rest of the pack was fine, but definitely moist/damp. Needless to say I've ordered the $50 pack shelter.....best be prepared!! (Still LOVE this pack!!!) I've had Lowe's and Marmot's and this pack blows them away!