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joshualuke100149073 wrote an answer about on January 10, 2014

I am responding to my own question having received an answer from a rep from Canada Goose, for those interested, the rep stated...

"The placement of the waist cinch would make it very uncomfortable to have cord locks as they are in the middle of the back. The cords are meant to be tied together so no, the jacket is not defective."

Thanks Canada Goose!




joshualuke100149073 wrote a question about on January 9, 2014

Help, please!! Simple question about the waist drawstring. I called Canada Goose twice and emailed once with no reply as of yet. You would think with the price we pay for their product they would have better customer service. Love and trust Backcountry, so I will ask the question here. I bought a Constable about 2 weeks ago, 3rd time wearing it, I wanted to cinch the waist drawstring, I realized there were no "cinchers", "grabbers", "keepers", whatever the term is for the piece that the elastic string goes through, you squeeze it pull the string through and release it at the desired length to shorten/tighten it up and release it so it holds the elastic drawstring tight. Is this the experience of everyone else's Constable and it was designed this way, or did I receive a defective jacket ? I would really appreciate your help! Thanks!!