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jonbottoms601968 wrote an answer about on March 27, 2012

I have 2 other soft bags:

I have a Pika Packworks & Evoc bike bags. The Pika is super lightweight (about 8 lbs) so you can pack more stuff and still be under 50 lbs. It also has great padding on all sides, but it's clunky to haul around the airport. There are no wheels, only a shoulder strap. It's brutal if you have a couple bags and a long hike through the airport. The big advantage of the Pika is that I was 50/50 paying the bike fees. It doesn't look like a bike bag. I've had counter agents ask if it was a folding massage table, "Why YES it is!" I tend to fly Southwest or jetBlue (only $50) so the hassle of lugging around the Pika and the sore neck/shoulder wasn't worth it.

The Evoc is very nice, but heavier. Really have to watch your weight. Can only pack a few things in the bag. It is VERY roomy though. Since it's designed for Mt bikes, it has plenty of room for road/TT bike. No problem for larger frames. It has nice rollerblade style wheels at 1 end. Not bad to tote around, but not as good as the Helium. It's a bit longer & taller too, doesn't fit in as many rental cars. Need full size or SUV.

I like the Helium best. It's the right balance of size, weight, protection and ease of use. Only downside is the cost.