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john w

john w

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john w

john w wrote an answer about on November 4, 2012

Hey this coat/jacket is ment as a last resort in extremely cold enviroments, I you buy a medium you wont be able to layer up under it, If canada Goose say your a large then thats the real deal, Its not ment to be slim and tight fitting, I'm 43 inch chest but i orderd the XL in the mantra, why because of layering up otherwise I would have bought a Large, I have 3 real Parkas and this is a Bear of a Coat, If Blizzards in the freezing cold are where youll be spending your time then follow Canada Goose's sizing chart and if you are going to be layering up go bigger, Check out Arctic videos and ones from the south pole, because one mistake there and you die,

If CG ment a medium to fit people of our size's then it would be writen on their chart, these are just the facts the choice and reasons are down to you the reader/s