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john e

john e

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john e

john e wrote a review of on December 31, 2012

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Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I've had the older version of this stove for what must be almost 20 years. I run regular gasoline with it no problem, but you don't want to do that in a tent. I've run white gas no problem of course. Kerosene when I was being a cheapskate, it ran but had to be primed a lot and sooted up pretty bad, but still it ran good enough. With regular gas it gets a little sooty but still it has no problems. you can place it on compacted snow and it will not melt through and spill your meal, just discovered this. Before I always put it on rock or something, but its good to know. I even ran it for a few years with a worn out leather pump gasket, so it had no internal pressure and had to be primed with fuel in the cup or with matches and or twigs and still once it heated up it ran fine! The shaker jet works as stated, just shake it upside down. You MUST get the spare parts kit and you'll have no worries. Awesome product. Oh it'll suck the fuel, the 11 oz bottle will make maybe 3 meals and drinks, still not bad.




john e

john e wrote a review of on December 29, 2012

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Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I read some bad reviews of the Cat's Meow bag and wondered if some of these people like sleeping nude in freezing temps or something?
I figure if you're going to be out at freezing or below you'd be wearing long underwear at least in your bag a night.
I used it outside to watch the Geminid meteor showers on a cot with no foam pad under, but a thin blanket. I wore jeans and a sweater inside the bag and temps were just below freezing. I also had a military goretex bivy cover over the bag. After 3 hours I got a little chilly but not much, just enough to wake me.
Next I took the bag on a winter overnighter with temps ranging from just above freezing to just below freezing. On snow in a floorless tent. This time I had the military goretex bivy with a very thin closed cell pad and a lightweight thermarest pad both inside the bivy , under the bag. I wore 2 pairs of light long underwear, tops and bottoms, plus light fleece pants and a vest. I was very warm and had no trouble sleeping. So yes this can be a mild-winter bag if you wear some clothes in the bag. If you have to sleep nude or something, get an 800 fill goretex expedition bag and a mortgage for it.