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joh3826463 wrote an answer about on January 6, 2011

that's pretty typical Corey. I'd recommend wearing the smallest size possible without feeling actual PAIN pain, if you know what I mean. But if they're uncomfortable and you're still getting some really good toe/heel/smear action on them, I'd say you've sized properly.

And for the record, Evolv stuff is all sized strangely. I fit into size 41 Bandits, 39 Defys, and for some odd reason I need a size 42.5 for these bad boys. :)

Happy Climbing!



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joh3826463 wrote a review of on January 3, 2011

5 5

F gloves! These fit like testarossas! These shoes are amazing! super sticky rubber lends to all your smearing and steep heel-hooking needs, the down-turned toes give you a ton of staying power making tiny nubs feel like you're standing on your own two feet, and the heel is soft and supple, allowing for great placement into those weirdly shaped heel-hooks we all know (and now love). Believe me, you WANT these shoes.